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We just never know

Posted in Friends, Life on Saturday, August 4, 2007 by Colin Quek

Was at a cafe chilling out on a cool Friday Bruneian night when I got news that an ex-classmate of mine has just passed away of cancer. I couldn’t express the thoughts and emotions that swept through me. I was tempted to believe I’ve heard it wrongly because of the nature of overseas calls.

But as I asked the caller(another ex-classmate) to repeat his message, I guess I had to let reality sink in that I’ve truly lost a friend in the battle against cancer. Someone whom I was just having a short conversation a few months ago. And my friend is only 33 years old. This is the 2nd such case I’ve heard in the span of 1 week!

Another case is the case of Desmond Chin. He’s a 20 year old Bruneian. Who is also in the midst of the battle against this terrible disease. And it seems the entire nation of Brunei has been mobilised to help Desmond before its too late.

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