Festival of Praise (FOP) 2007

3rd – 5th Aug 2007 marks another exciting and invigorating installment of the annual Festival of Praise event. Started in the year 1986 by Rev Dr. Canon James Wong. With participation from various churches all over Singapore such as City Harvest Church, FOP has anchored itself as a major Christian event.

This year with international bands like Don Moen and Delirious, the venue was packed to the brim.

Coupled with the preaching prowess of Phil Pringle, the participants truly experienced this year’s slogan: “Come! Be Renewed!”

click here for full gallery

8 Responses to “Festival of Praise (FOP) 2007”

  1. super professional shots man !!
    u take care bro ! =)

  2. wow didnt know you from chc ?

    wow how come city of harvester always got rock and roll conerts?

    hehe looks like a bunch of devils to me

  3. Hi Ken,

    Yup from chc, you mean concerts and not “conerts” right.

    Yes this was from FOP 2007. There are of course fast and slow songs.

    Btw how’s your national service preparation coming along?

  4. wah say someone photography is published on Delirious Website leyyy….Don’t play play 😛

  5. Oh David, you mean this:

    I came to know about it when a friend told me also.

    The link to Delirious’ site is here


  6. Gesh… I didnt know you are from chc too. Are you in the photography or TV ministry?

  7. “6 Jaslyn Kong

    Gesh… I didnt know you are from chc too. Are you in the photography or TV ministry?”

    Hi Jaslyn, I’m actually doing Lightings. How you find the photos?

  8. Hi my name is Shiji Varghese. Im from bangalore, India. Last year I had come down to Singapore for a month. And during that time I got the privilege of attending Festival of Praise 2007.
    I really enjoyed the show and I cherish the memories. I need some photographs of that event.
    If you have more photos and if you could send them down to me, I would really appreciate it.

    Please reply

    Thank you

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