Singapore’s National Day 2007

Every August 9th is set aside to celebrate the national day of the Republic of Singapore. Since its independence 42 years ago, Singapore has grown from a tiny fishing village to a prospering major cosmopolitan city.

Having always been at the forefront of many industries, Singapore (affectionately known as Lion City) has won international accolades in the arena of: Airline, Seaport, Education, Governance, etc. Usually attaining the #1 or top 10 spots.

This year’s celebration is another major breakthrough for us. For 13 months we build a floating platform large enough to hold 27,000 people. Again this is a world first.

With Prime Minister Lee’s confidence that we will grow 7% to 8, Singapore is poised for another great year ahead. As the anthem goes…

Majulah Singapura (Malay for Onward Singapore)

Without further ado, here is a simple snapshot of us as we congregate to wish Singapore a very Happy Birthday.

click images or here for full gallery

This shot is really testament to the multi-racial harmony success of Singapore. We work as one People, we grow and enjoy as one People.

click images or here for full gallery

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19 Responses to “Singapore’s National Day 2007”

  1. G’day bros/sis,

    Greetings from Sydney Australia.. What a blast seeing those picks but what can I say, those smiles just shows how bloody fantastic that day was eh. Keep it real mates!


  2. Fabulous pictures capturing the bonding and family values during a day Singapore gained independence and growing strength to strength.

    Keep the great pictures rolling in.

  3. My Wish for all Singaporean this National day.

    That we become a truly world-class country in all that we do. Not just by the yardstick created by ourselves, but by the very best professionals in the world.

    That we embrace the culture of this world and not reject those that are different from us.

    That we encourage and praise those who have been successful on the world stage.

    That we do not live in the fear of breaking rules or offending the authorities. But that we dare to dream and to live out our dreams.

    That we learn to love each other as family and friends, and this place can truly become home to us all.

  4. Hi mcyf12,

    Hey your wishes are top line man.

    Yes let’s go claim the prize, as our MM Lee said before during an event I shot, we are prize takers.

    Thankfully we in Singapore are given plenty of freedom from the government to truly live our dreams.

    Thanks for your wonderful birthday wishes

  5. My wish for Singapore? Well… There are a few wishes I would love to make…

    First and foremost, I wish that everyone in Singapore will never take the peace, progress and prosperity for granted. Else the 42 years that we have build the nation, would have been in waste. Remember the Roman Empire? They were complacent and took things for granted. As such, the entire Empire of Rome fell after some 300 years…

    Secondly, I wish that everyone in Singapore will not look down on one another. Regardless if they are rich or poor. With highly paid jobs or lowly paid jobs… In short, regardless of race, language or religion, they will never look down on those who are here to contribute to the success of Singapore. Even though there are some black sheeps among some nationailties/ race or religion but we are all but human. We breath, eat and drink. We will be here on earth for a short while only. While on earth in this 70-90 years or more, why not enjoy it?

  6. Wish all Singaporean

    1. Buy 4D strike 4D! Buy Toto Strike Toto!

    2. Relax lar!

    3. Be charitable outsides charity shows.

    4. World Peace!

  7. NDP was great but our country resource its limited as you can see only a few new toys that they display this year.

    But as a singaporen me myself will give a part for the national instead of asking what the 7% national can give us

    Let us move forward and advance to the Roaring spirit of the Lion d[^-^]b


  8. Colin,

    There’s just something about red being the dominant and winning colour. The dude with the flag screams patriotism and I particularly like the large group photo with the city skyline behind them. And the rest of the people in the background just fills the scene nicely to create a very festive mood. Keep up the good work.

  9. Hi Jan,

    Thanks for your comments. Really got alot of hard work to put in. Photography is tough but heck lot of fun and satisfaction.

    By the way I heard you did an event shoot for heartthrob Wu Chun?

  10. Hi Colin,

    Nice work and you have captured the happy occasion and good spirits.. Keep it up.

    Kok Wee

  11. Happy Birthday Singapore. I wish Singapore more power and economic stability. May this beautiful city stand still and strong for years to come.

    And as for you Colin, just keep it up dude.

  12. Hi Gera,

    Thanks for that comment all the way from the Philippines.

  13. Hi Colin,

    What a good job for the photography shot… i can tell that you are going more & more professional… maybe one of the days we can meet up for coffee.


  14. “Happy Birthday Singapore”

    (from the heart of Borneo, Brunei)


  15. A year to come, a year to celebrate our festive season.

    Singapore has been a big country to me even though it may be small in the map.The significance of this day touches many peoples’ heart.even though we may not express our love for our country through words, we appreciate the every little thing the country has installed for us.

    Once again, i would like to wish all a happy national day and good health and prosperity to all.

  16. Happy birthday singapore

    wishing a prosperious year ahead!

  17. hi colin, great pictures here.. keep them coming!

  18. Helloooooo Singapore !!

    How r u today? Spent 5 eventful years there…
    Lots of memories, made many good friends there..
    Can’t wait to visit u again…

    Happy birthday from Indonesia !!

  19. Robbie…really great to hear from you again…

    Heard that you are into the collectible toys business now?

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