Fujifilm S100fs ISO Tests

This is one heck of a camera. Personally I love the wide end and the long range. It’s good for traveling and preventing missed shots due to changing of lens (on SLR bodies)The features that come in this cam are amazing. I mean:

  1. Wide angle at 28mm
  2. Ultra long reach at 400mm
  3. Big aperture size at f2.8 (this is bigger than the kit lens that comes with most entry level DSLRs)
  4. ISO 100 to 10000 (and I feel the pictures are use-able)
  5. 7 fps!

Prior to making a decision to buy I was reading up on the cam, but couldn’t find much sample photos. I was searching for sample photos for the entire ISO range. Apparently not many came up.

Click here for bigger thumbnails

ISO 100 – click for full image

ISO 200

ISO 400

ISO 800

ISO 1600

ISO 3200

ISO 6400

ISO 10000

Here’s what I tested. My personal take, I wouldn’t split hair over the ISO performance. For me, I’d rather go 10000ISO and get the shot, then to miss it because it’s too noisy.

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One Response to “Fujifilm S100fs ISO Tests”

  1. wah!! first time coming across iso of 10000!!! okay, i’m a frog in a well! =)

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