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Harrogate (UK Leeds Bradford) Part 2

Posted in Blogroll, Places, Tourism on Tuesday, April 29, 2008 by Colin Quek

It was a cool (ok cold) Tuesday afternoon when I decided to take a walk back to my hotel. The walk can be divided into 2 legs.

So off I go with my Czech friend Pavel for companionship 🙂

First Leg:

We started at BECKWITHHEAD Road and eventually to end up in the Valley Gardens park near our hotel.

We crossed a couple of horse farms and boy the roadside is lined with an amazing array of flowers. The road was still a bit damp from the early afternoon showers which stopped 15mins before my walk.

look at the flowers at the side of the road!

Just at the side of this road pictured above, we came across a few gated tracks, which were meant for horsing.

Second Leg:

We passed by the many sheep farms around Harrogate. I remember commenting to my friend

The only “sheep” I saw back at home is called LAMB CHOP

The view here is simply breath-taking, how I wish there is a way to get the entire experience of taking in the scenery for you, the fresh smelling air, the cool breeze, etc…


Harrogate (UK Leeds Bradford) Part 1

Posted in Blogroll, Places, Tourism, UK on Monday, April 21, 2008 by Colin Quek

Was in Harrogate from the 14th Apr to the 16th. Coming from hot and humid Singapore, when I first arrived in Harrogate, I was assailed with the below 10 deg C temperature. My very first day there it was drizzling heavily. Well my exploring spirit wasn’t easily dampened though.

Instead of waiting in the hotel (Old Swan Hotel)…

Sitting by my window, the colors out there are splendid!

Old Swan Hotel
That’s my hotel, its almost 300 yrs old!
But it’s a beautiful 3 century building

Tourist friendly Harrogate, with directions to Valley Gardens (more on this later on)

I decided to enjoy the chilly rain and explore Harrogate town more. I must say, it’s very very different from Singapore. Harrogate’s rustic buildings and road system sets it apart from the big cities I’ve visited.

One of the houses around the hotel area

And so let’s go! Harrogate

St. Wilfrid\'s Church
St. Wilfrid’s Church – the oldest church in Harrogate

Being a historically Christian community, Harrogate has a church almost every 1km square. Below are 2 more churches closer to the town square.

Church at Raglan Street
Raglan Street Church

Another View of Raglan St. Church
Another view of Raglan Street Church

Another Church

Harrogate Town Center boasts an assortment of retail stores. From Fashion to Food, Phone cards to Pubs. You can find almost anything you want here. Below is my first meal in Harrogate…Can’t remember the name of the dish, let’s just call it …

My First Meal in Harrogate

Across the street from my dining place is a shopping arcade, didn’t have time to visit though.

West Minster Arcade

Streets 1
As you can see it was drizzling on the day of my visit. Oh the temperature was superbly cold but a “warm” welcome to tropical boy as myself. In short I totally soaked myself into the cold weather (rain or shine)

a couple of other food places

Valley Gardens

This is a big park in Harrogate and when the sun is out, you will get to see plenty of folks strolling around. That day the rain cleared at 4pm and I just couldn’t resist the walk in the park, despite my tiredness from the 15hr flight.

Boating Pond
In the garden, there is a Boating Pond for the purpose of….

…boating of course

What’s a park with flowers? Well, if the colors and types of floral in Valley Gardens are anything to go by, this park has the works!

this is NOT Japan, repeat, NOT 🙂

and of course the “lovely couple” shot, what park is complete without this

Even the fauna is in abundance, there were squirrels, ducks and pigeons. The pigeons there are “fearless”. I was only 1m away from the following feathered hero when this shot was taken.

“Braveheart” here even turned his head and stare at me

As it approaches evening, Harrogate’s sky is splashed with such a deep blue, it makes one want to stay out just to enjoy the color of the sky despite the chill that’s ALSO developing…brrr :S

It’s about time I head back to the hotel…stay tune for Part 2, where I take you for a walk into the woods, a 45min journey, till then…

Thailand – King Rama 9 Park & Golden Mountain

Posted in Blogroll, Parks, Places, thailand, Tourism on Thursday, April 17, 2008 by Colin Quek

King Rama 9 or King Rama IX Park. Simply beautiful! Although it was a hot sunny day, and I had a deep tan at the end of the walk. Quoted below:

Located in the vicinity of Bangkok, this 200-acre park on Si Nakharin Road commemorates His Majesty King Rama IX’s 60th birthday in 1987.

In the large compound visitors can park and take a long walk in the area which comprises botanical gardens, and a building displaying the works and life of King Rama IX.

A lake with clean water is in the middle of the area, also the landscape is beautifully decorated with many kinds of flowers. Refreshment booths are provided at many spots, and a restaurant by the lake offers good foods and nice breeze when sitting outdoor
Most photo’s with my good friend Yaya.


A few shots I took in the park.

the park is full of beautiful flora

took this as the rafters got very close to me

at the start of the walk, if you were to take the left route
be totally spellbound by this magnificent struture

if you look carefully, there is another dragon-fly behind the current one
the abundance of flora also attracts large amounts of the insects that feed on them

up next… the Golden Mount…I took a 20 minutes boat ride to visit one of the most famous Buddhist structure in South East Asia. King Rama III. However construction had to be abandoned due to the soft ground around the structure.

a sign board pointing the directions for tourists and locals alike

bells such as this dotted the temple grounds

side of the temple wall, look at the deep blue sky!

King Rama IV continued the construction, with him laying the foundation stone of the renovation. It was during that time that he named it the Golden Mount. King Rama V continued construction and completed it.