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Harrogate (UK Leeds Bradford) Part 2

Posted in Blogroll, Places, Tourism on Tuesday, April 29, 2008 by Colin Quek

It was a cool (ok cold) Tuesday afternoon when I decided to take a walk back to my hotel. The walk can be divided into 2 legs.

So off I go with my Czech friend Pavel for companionship 🙂

First Leg:

We started at BECKWITHHEAD Road and eventually to end up in the Valley Gardens park near our hotel.

We crossed a couple of horse farms and boy the roadside is lined with an amazing array of flowers. The road was still a bit damp from the early afternoon showers which stopped 15mins before my walk.

look at the flowers at the side of the road!

Just at the side of this road pictured above, we came across a few gated tracks, which were meant for horsing.

Second Leg:

We passed by the many sheep farms around Harrogate. I remember commenting to my friend

The only “sheep” I saw back at home is called LAMB CHOP

The view here is simply breath-taking, how I wish there is a way to get the entire experience of taking in the scenery for you, the fresh smelling air, the cool breeze, etc…