Harrogate (UK Leeds Bradford) Part 2

It was a cool (ok cold) Tuesday afternoon when I decided to take a walk back to my hotel. The walk can be divided into 2 legs.

So off I go with my Czech friend Pavel for companionship 🙂

First Leg:

We started at BECKWITHHEAD Road and eventually to end up in the Valley Gardens park near our hotel.

We crossed a couple of horse farms and boy the roadside is lined with an amazing array of flowers. The road was still a bit damp from the early afternoon showers which stopped 15mins before my walk.

look at the flowers at the side of the road!

Just at the side of this road pictured above, we came across a few gated tracks, which were meant for horsing.

Second Leg:

We passed by the many sheep farms around Harrogate. I remember commenting to my friend

The only “sheep” I saw back at home is called LAMB CHOP

The view here is simply breath-taking, how I wish there is a way to get the entire experience of taking in the scenery for you, the fresh smelling air, the cool breeze, etc…

5 Responses to “Harrogate (UK Leeds Bradford) Part 2”

  1. Hei!! U now in UK? working?

    Ur photo taken technique seems improve a lot,
    haha…really nice
    & some photo capture so special & surprising!

    after see the photo u taken, make me feel relax,
    & hope to go UK also, haha..

    anyway, take more nicer photo ya, photography! ha..

  2. lamb chop! -_-”

    muz agree that the scenery is breath-taking, but if only you can bring back the fresh and cooling breeze.. =)

  3. You are making me jealous!!!!

  4. I’ m considering buying Fuji100fs instead of DSLR as I’ve been down that route, when using Nikon 35mm SLR/Zoom lens – Nikon rarely went out, just my Ricoh Gr1. Ended up selling Nikon after seeing quality of lens on Ricoh 35mm, sadly not repeated in digital version, I think, due to sensor size.

    Now use GRD, mainly for work (old artwork), and feel need for camera for parties, general photography and fun. Ricoh terrific, but useless at anything but low ISO. I take about 200 images per week, but all are of old prints and paintings,and your images have given me an appetite for general photography once more.

    Reason I’m writing this is, you have shown me how nice Harrogate looks – I live 10 miles away and visit twice a week…………will appreciate it more. Visiting in about 10 hours from now, and will think of your images.

    If you visit again, travel north into the Dales – totally pure and untouched – and I’m not a fan of the countryside, but would consider living there.

    Keep on “snapping”



  5. Keep on “snapping”

    Hi William, thanks for encouragement..I’m glad to re-ignite the fire of photography 🙂

    Yes Harrogate is a beautiful place, the weather’s terrific (at least for me since I’m from a temperate country)

    Will bear in mind to visit Dales when I drop by again.

    PS. The S100FS is pretty good at high ISO check out my posts on High-ISO here http://cqphotography.wordpress.com/2008/03/13/fujifilm-s100fs-iso-tests/

    Its a little slow to find focus though…

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