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The poetry of food – TOSTO!

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In the 4th century BC, the Italian food writer Archestratus wrote a poem speaking of using “top quality and seasonal” ingredients of the freshest nature…

Today, more than 2,000 years later, I experienced what Archestratus wrote about, but my experience was alot better, I got to eat what he termed “top quality and seasonal” ingredients of the freshest nature.

Tosto, located in Changi Airport Terminal 3 held a Food Tasting and Sandwich Making Competition. Ok I’m good with the camera, but sandwich making? I’m not too sure how the judges took to my sandwich, but I’m very certain about the nice food I got to sample that night.

Alright, fanciful writing aside, let’s chow!

food13The spread of food in bite sized pieces

piadinaHawaiian Piadina – I can’t really pronounce “Piadina” accurately,
but I love this dish. (looks alot like Roti Prata)

According to our host of the night Michael Aldridge, Business Development Manager for Tosto, Italians drink coffee through out the day and finishing up with wine at the end of the day.


Americano, one of the best I’ve tasted, serious
and oh, the coasters are one of a kind. 12 pieces each.
Idea of Ms. Daisy Chan

wineAnd wine! – this is one good wine, smooth, not too sweet.

Sandwich making – ah yes, that… I didn’t focus too much on that, but I managed to tear myself away from the food and shot a few photos 😀

Here’s our host for the night: Michael explaining the rules of the competition, and sharing with us his “database” of food info with us. This guy knows his food! Sharing with us how certain greens goes better with meats, the type of sauces to use, etc etc.


And I remember his “teachings” on coffee. From the making of it (the exact temperature!) to the type of cups and their purposes. I would never have guessed a cup’s  volume affects the taste of the food!


competitorsThe competition begins!
Clockwise from top-left:
Rachel & Dominic

Jann & her son

James & Sheena

and the lovely Jaslyn Kong

layingitoutOur masterpieces! Under Michael’s watchful eyes,
hope we managed to impress the judges’ palate…he taught me that any expresso
that took more than 25 seconds to make ain’t an expresso.

ourcreationMy team’s sandwich,

usand my beautiful team-mate!

Overall it was a fantastic night, topped with fabulous, fresh food… incidentally, I bought a friend over to Tosto for lunch today (Sunday).

thehostsBrought to you by the staff of Nuance-Watson

Going back to the opening lines “top quality and seasonal” ingredients of the freshest nature, Tosto certainly lived up to Archestratus poem that night.