My beautiful iPad

Recently got a clear casing for my iPad and boy do I love the looks of the it. Or shall I say the “missing” looks of it.

Apple’s products not only function well on the software level, but they look absolutely gorgeous on the outside. So I ditched the leather overalls look and got myself a clear case for my beloved.

Here are some shots of how the iPad looks like “naked”.

If you are like me, want to enjoy the beauty of your “i” product but don’t wish to have scratches on it, then this is the case to get.

My favorite shot – guess it’s because the aluminium body is fully visible!

The clear case is well… clear

Fully clothed with the clear case, now you begin to see why I love this case?

Best of all, the bottom is not covered, so I can dock this into the iPad dock charger

The volume rocker and rotation / mute button cut-out

The top corner portion, which grabs the iPad


In all, Steve Jobs conjured up a beauty and a heck of a tablet in the iPad.

*tempted to get an iPhone 4 😉

(Please contact me if you need assistance to use my photos for your product shoot. Do not use without permission 🙂 )

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