First Dates

First official date after wedding. Thought it would be nice to end the week with a round or two of beers. First stop though is Coffee Club to fill the stomachs.

Here’s my Sandwich Royale. With fresh shrimps and vegs. Very filling and tasty.
I must add that the sandwich is quite a mouthful as well.

Then it’s over to Brewerkz for some nice beers.

It’s still my favorite hunt for the choices of beers.
We ordered a taster set e.g. 90ml glasses of 4 types of beer to choose.


Couldn’t recall what were the types of beer we ordered, but the “Xtra IPA” beer caught my attention for it’s maltiness. I dare say it will go very very well with some medium rare steak!

You must give the taster set a try the next time you are there. The 90ml glasses also meant that the casual beer drinker enjoys the tasting too.


In all, it was a great experience. Guess all the more since the girl seated beside me all this while is my wife 🙂

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