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On a short trip to Bali (Part 1)

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The holidays are finally upon us and it is time for another trip. This time we decided to go some place tropical, and Bali came up in our minds.

We spent about a week there and it was very fun. Bali is no doubt very different from the places we have went before, first off: it is much warmer than Australia, all parts of Australia. But that warmth is also translated into its people.

Here’s the wife making funny faces in the departure lounge.

Departing Singapore from with Jetstar airlines on a rainy (and cold) morning didn’t quite prepare us for the sunblast heat in Bali lol.

A view of 2 mountain peaks in the air above Bali.

We touched down at Ngurah Rai International Airport and headed to buy a local SIM card. Yes, being citizens of modern Earth, we didn’t think of getting ourselves some food or drinks first.

Of course after the SIM card purchase we decided to sit down for some refreshments.

Outside the cafe.

Go out from the arrival hall and turn left, you should see the first cafe. The Balinese coffee is good and took away the weariness of the flight.

Tip#1: Buy the SIM card from the cafe, it’s 5000 Rupiah cheaper.

Tip#2: Get bread from the convenient store at the departure hall if your hotel is far away from civilisation like ours was.

Tip#3: Turn right from the arrival hall and purchase a taxi ticket from the taxi counter there.

We arrived at the Hotel Pink CoCo at about 3 pm. First thing I did was to head for the showers, yes it is that hot there.

That is the shower head, neat right?

Our room was on the 2nd storey, facing the sea. And it is huge. Take a look at the photos below.

This is the bathroom. The other half is where the basin is.

Notice the little touches? This here is a soup holder.

And the bedroom, and yes still the other half is where the tv is located with a big couch. Notice how high the ceiling is.

And this shot was taken in the balcony.

Still the photos don’t do justice to the size of the room. You have to see it for yourself.

Located 100m from the beach, also known as “padang” in Balinese, we decided to take a stroll to the beach.

A beautiful rock outcropping that probably used to be a spur.

The water is very clear, evidently this is a newly opened beach as I heard from the locals.

The sand is fine enough for beach volleyball. the dudes are almost here everyday for their game.

The walk at the beach was a pretty short one as the tide was fast coming in. And well it actually got dark fast too. Heading back to the hotel, we noticed alot of businesses along the way were opened by foreigners.

One of the many surf shops. They provide surfing classes for a fee.

Dinner was quickly settled and we retired to enjoy the room facilities. For all you tv addicts, there is cable, not to worry.

Next post, let me guide you through the various tourist spots in Bali.