On a short trip to Bali (Part 3)

The final instalment of our Bali trip. Apologies though for the delay in getting this post out.

A trip to beautiful Bali will not be complete without a visit to the Barong Dance. More details about the Barong here.

I would love to retell the tale behind the dance, but I’m not that expert on the matter to properly spell it out. But it is really a must see for those who plan to visit Bali.

The show we went to was apparently one of the higher end ones, with the costumes being more ornate.

The show started well and ended with some black magic display, where the actors stabbed themselves with knives and didn’t get hurt. That’s something we don’t see everyday.

That’s a portrayal of the Barong.

A close up.

Yes that’s the stabbing, imagine all the actors doing that to themselves.

The next stop for us is the Temple by the Sea. Called the Tanah Lot Temple, it is situated by the edge of the cliff, actually the cliff is cut off from the main land. Hence the temple might not be accessible during the high tides.

An overview of the temple from afar.

There seems to be a holy event going on during our visit, with a priest blessing the devotees and even some tourists with the holy water from the spring.

With this post heavily focused on the spiritual and religious aspects of Bali, I would like to conclude with a small segment on the Garuda Wisnu Kencana, or GWK Cultural Centre.

Wisnu or Vishnu is one of the Hindu deities, similar to the Trinity concept in the Christian faith. In GWK Centre, there is this huge statue dedicated to the deity Wisnu.

Just before entering the area where the giant Wisnu statue is.

Missing the arms? Yes, they are being built off site and according to my driver, should be up for attachment soon.

Yes, one of the arms of Wisnu’s statue.

Of course my favourite Balinese creature, the Garuda.

In all, our stay in Bali was a very enriching and eye opening one. We learned about the Hindu faith, about the way of life in Bali and of course basked ourselves in the warmth and friendliness of the locals.

Who can forget the rich Baliness food? It is certainly an island rich in culture and steep in history.

The people of Bali love their decorations ornate and their temples lavish. If you a a culture traveller, be sure that Bali is in your plans.

Till then…

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