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Taiwan 2012 – Landscapes

Posted in Blogroll, Tourism with tags on Tuesday, January 1, 2013 by Colin Quek

Having spent 8 days around Taiwan and returning with a ton of photos of the simply marvelous island, I decided the best way to showcase the photos of the place is via various categories e.g. Landscape, Food, Recreation, etc.

I will start with Landscape as this is where Taiwan captured me the most. With its numerous mountains, hills and knolls. And of course their beauty as one glance at them. Why the numerous highlands? Because Taiwan is very active geologically. Situated such that the it is on 4 tectonic plates. As they move, they form hills and mountains on the island’s face.

Some shots of the highlands.


Taken early in the morning as we were up this mountain resort.


Midday shot


Certainly looks like we were in Europe isn’t it?


Different colors start to appear towards evening.


Beer and sunset. What else is better?

Partly due to the numerous highlands, Taiwan has become home to a number of famous lakes.


The most well known being Sun Moon Lake.

The water is indeed crystal clear even know ( Still on the topic of Sun Moon Lake, here are some closer photos.



Palace of Chiang Kai Shek.

This lake has been home to the aborigines of Taiwan for many of years. It has served as a center of their activities as well.

To top it off, Taiwan has a wonderful view of the sea, and shipping and sea commerce is still a thriving trade.


Panaromic port view in Tamsui


A fishing boat heading out, If I am not mistaken, to catch squids.

To close this post now really don’t do justice to the natural beauty of Taiwan, I would really encourage you the reader to pay a visit and take in the other elements that make up the entire human experience of the place.