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To a great leader. Lee Kuan Yew

Posted in Blogroll on Wednesday, March 25, 2015 by Colin Quek


One of my favorites from one of my favorite leader.

“Our forefathers came here because they were looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Some found that pot of gold, many didn’t. They sweated their guts out and built this city out of mudflats. We’ve inherited it, we have added to it. And I say it is worth defending it.”

– Lee Kuan Yew


Before and After

Posted in Blogroll on Tuesday, March 17, 2015 by Colin Quek

PS: the photos in this post are of various quality. Reason being that I didn’t get into this health path to slim down. It was to resolve a liver issue.

I was clearing out the photos in my phone (yes, I have been using the same phone coming to 2 years), and realised I have impromptu shots of myself after gym. Couple these with some old shots and we get:


Yeah my wedding pants.


2013 – roughly when I started to change my diet. This seems to be mid 2013.


End 2013.


2014 Apr.


2014 Nov.

I’m quite surprised at the transformation. But it was a 2 years journey. Of course I am not saying I have arrived. And going by my current goal of just sticking to my exercise regime, a totally fixed diet, I just want to see what 2015 will bring.

I do hope this time I will remember to take some better shots.

Till next time. To better health and enduring fitness.

Solving my Liver Issue.

Posted in Blogroll on Tuesday, March 17, 2015 by Colin Quek

Many times we trim down to look good, especially in a world where external appearances matter alot. But there are the few others who decided to do so because of health reasons.


Most importantly, my liver profile.

In 2009, as my health report arrived, the doctor pointed me to an area of concern with regards to my liver profile. The readings are “off the charts”, in his own words. In fact he ordered another reading a month later, just to make sure.

The second reading didn’t fare too well either. This is when the doc said that I either reduce the readings or face serious liver issues in the later years.

*the stated readings, when they are high, it mean there is some damage going on in the liver. Anything 40 and below is considered normal. With readings as high as 120, you can see why my doctor is worried.

I stopped alcohol for a full year, did my screening again in 2011 and still the same result. Looking at the same chart, we can see that in 2012, things got worse. Not to say that alcohol consumption will not damage the liver, but in my case, even stopping a full 2 years didn’t help. I even cut out drinking soda drinks.

So what is an overweight man with an oncoming liver problem to do? This overweight man decided to hit the weights, pound it out in the gym. (I have a prolapsed disc, so only controlled, slow movements like lifting weights are suitable).

This started in 09/2012. And oddly enough, my following health report showed a drop in the liver readings. The good news is also that now my insurer is willing to cover liver related issues. And finally, the latest reading, all my liver readings are normal.

Till today, I’m clueless as to how and why lifting weights can positively impact the liver, but somehow it worked in my case.And the by-product of all these?


Bodyfat %

Take a look at the above chart. As you can see my bodyfat % dropped (25% to now 12.5%). Too shy to put in my waistline, but be sure that I have had to change my wardrobe twice in the past year.

What have I learned?

  1. Eating properly – nuff said. But I do get to eat alot more now. How’s that for starters? Eat more pratas and lose weight.
  2. Exercise regularly – when even my video gaming life suffer because of gym. This is serious.And this is the crucial part, compared to working out just to fit into a size S, once hitting that size, then what? But when we workout as part of our lives, we have the tendency to continue with it, because, it is something we do as we live.
  3. There is always room to “push 1 more rep”, “don’t start counting rep until it start hurting” – pushing iron is 30% muscular, but really 70% mental.
  4. Due to the earlier attempts to get the liver readings down, I’ve gotten into the habit of not drinking too much. And of course during that time, I’ve stopped drinking soda drinks. Saves $$$.

Yes of course I do go for other kind of food/drinks (i.e. burgers, soda, lattes and the whatever-stuff-w-sugar-in-them) occasionally. But those are times when I have to conciously make myself consume them.

And to answer the usual question – I use the following slimming products:

  • 6kg
  • 8kg
  • 10kg
  • 12kg
  • 22kg, blah blah…
  • Skip rope
  • Threadmill
  • Lotsa carb, protein, animal fats.

Warning, the above slimming products tend to come with a rusty smell and they induce serious sweating.

And will I continue my journey? Why not? I have a family now, my kids are going to look at the way I live my life and model after it. I also have my personal goals as to the bulk and bodyfat I want to achieve, just to see how “how many more reps I can push“.