Before and After

PS: the photos in this post are of various quality. Reason being that I didn’t get into this health path to slim down. It was to resolve a liver issue.

I was clearing out the photos in my phone (yes, I have been using the same phone coming to 2 years), and realised I have impromptu shots of myself after gym. Couple these with some old shots and we get:


Yeah my wedding pants.


2013 – roughly when I started to change my diet. This seems to be mid 2013.


End 2013.


2014 Apr.


2014 Nov.

I’m quite surprised at the transformation. But it was a 2 years journey. Of course I am not saying I have arrived. And going by my current goal of just sticking to my exercise regime, a totally fixed diet, I just want to see what 2015 will bring.

I do hope this time I will remember to take some better shots.

Till next time. To better health and enduring fitness.

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