Nathan Myhrvold by Colin Quek on 2007-Aug-18


Reading about the roles of CTOs (Chief Technology Officers) brought up the name Nathan Myhrvold. When asked by Bill Gates (Microsoft) “who’s a great CTO”, what Nathan said tells the reader that he is truly a visionary and action-taker.

…My job at Microsoft is to worry about technology in the future. If you want to have a great future you have to start thinking about it in the present, because when the future’s here you won’t have the time. Source: Wikipedia

Nathan who is now CEO of Intellectual Ventures is also:

  • a nature and wildlife photographer
  • a paleontologist
  • a master French chef

Now of course there is more to about Nathan, of which I’m still reading in particular his ideas and views on technology.


Monitor “sickness” by Colin Quek on 2007-Aug-07
Your monitor may not be displaying images the way they should be appearing to you. This is because the settings are different for everyone. To truly enjoy viewing images you need to get your monitor calibrated.I’m currently using an excellent article put up by Giovanni in Photosig. There is no need for expensive equipment to keep your monitor in optimal viewing condition. Click the picture below to calibrate your monitor in 3 mins.colorswatches.jpg

Talents by Colin Quek on 2007-Jun-15Flipping through the May/June issue of Muhibah inflight magazine on an Royal Brunei Airlines flight back to Singapore when I came across this article, the reporter was interviewing the founder of Ipa-Nimaa Hanoi-based premier designer label of handmade bags and fashion accessories. What grabbed my eye was Christina Yu’s reply to the question “Would you say you’ve achieved all that you’ve set out to do?Ms Yu’s reply:Crazy Sexy CoolWhat really struck a cord in me was her commitment to make use of her talents. Its a mission for her. Wonderful!

Mistakes by Colin Quek on 2007-Apr-25Today realized that I have been living a rather sanitized life. One that is quite focused on avoiding making mistakes. Yes coming from an Eastern culture, that’s what has been drilled into my mind. For an easterner, the lesser mistakes one make, the “better” he is. But I realized this is not working for my life. Mistakes are part of life, and rather I have to go through them when they do happen. Mistakes are actually a way to aid in my growth Alright what has this got to do with photography. Well, think about digital photography. I know I have grown quick and much because the cost of making photographic mistakes are practically zero. With this freedom to make mistakes that don’t cost much, many of us can make great leaps and bounds photographically. This is good proof that we humans do learn fast through making mistakes. How does this apply to our lives? Much like how we practice digital photography, we make the best with every shot. If the shot turns out the way we want it, good. If not, well redo. Mistakes can be a good thing if we learn from them. Putlitzer Prize 2007 Saw this on Clubsnap, a busy Singaporean Photography forum, feel that this thread really deserves a mention…please take a look at the link below…it chronicles in images and a short writeup on a mother’s love for a son whose suffering from cancer.


One Response to “Articles”

  1. Quote “One that is quite focused on avoiding making mistakes.”

    There is nothing wrong with that! However, this is NOT an excuse for not trying or taking (necessary) risks!

    Quote “Mistakes are part of life, and rather I have to go through them when they do happen.”

    And this should NOT be an excuse for making mistakes!!!

    Quote “ahah”


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