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Sunset – Changi Broadwalk

Posted in Changi, Singapore, Sunset on Sunday, May 11, 2008 by Colin Quek

Sunset, a scene that repeats itself once every day, for countless eons…

Yet it continues to awe it’s viewers, even the most seasoned of ‘Sunset Chasers’.

To the un-initiated, the mere mention of ‘sunset’ brings about a warmth fuzzy feeling, and invokes visions of the beautiful orange tinted sky.

To the ‘Sunset Chaser’, the sunset itself continues to romance them…

Even the fauna is spellbound by the beauty of the end of day’s masterpiece.

Though it got dark pretty soon, the sight was so perfectly captured in my mind…


Changi Airport Terminal 3

Posted in Airport, Blogroll, Changi, Changi Airport, Friends, Places, Singapore, Tourism on Tuesday, November 27, 2007 by Colin Quek

Couple of weeks ago, I took the chance to catch up with 3 photo buddies of mine, after resting so long from doing a photo-shoot together. We decided to visit the new Changi Airport Terminal III, affectionately known as T3.

Trolleys you can find around the premises

I particularly like the main hall area, where its so bright and clear, it will take some effort to get lost.

On of the main attraction has to be the Green Wall. Standing spectacular at five storey high and 300m wide, it contains 25 species of climbing plants.

This is actually a waterfall

Apparently there is an Open House to the public. There seems to be quite a crowd that day.

One cannot mention Changi Airport without bringing into the picture the friendly staff.

There was this sweet little thing on a cart.

One of the main attractions has to be the Sandstone Art Wall. Situated just below the Green Wall, “Welcome”. Caught this budding photographer grabbing a shot of the wall.

One of my photo buddies posing as counter staff

I find the posters on the wall very attractive, wish I had shot the others as well

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