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Youth Olympics 2010

Posted in Events, sports on Sunday, August 29, 2010 by Colin Quek

The YOG (Youth Olympic Games) torch relay went pass my workplace recently, thankfully I had my camera with me and got off a few snaps.

Before the entourage arrives, the staff of DBS were there in their all reds.

The staff who work on the same storey as me

Of course never complete without the sporting young girl 😉

And the torch arrives——–

That’s one of the chiefs of DBS, he’s the torch bearer for the Shenton Way stretch.

It was a great few minutes of glory for DBS and it’s staff. And a testament to the Singapore spirit that truly all things are possible!


Trip to City Harvest Church – Kuala Lumpur

Posted in Blogroll, Events, Friends on Monday, April 13, 2009 by Colin Quek

I spent the final weekend of March 09 (27-29th) visiting and helping out in City Harvest Church Kuala Lumpur. Me and 10+ other friends took a coach to the beautiful city of KL on the 27th. Arriving in the later afternoon, we decided to lunch out at the Sunway Shopping Centre. It’s a HUGE place really, I got lost twice.

Click on photos for full gallery



A very colorful ceiling with an equally impressive advertisement


Spotting an ice skating rink in the heart of the centre, the place is very much like home, as in Orchard Road Singapore. Taking a closer look at the rink, I noticed 2 graceful skaters, one of them apparently giving lessons to the other (the lady in the brown t-shirt).


We had a wonderful lunch at Wendy’s and proceeded to our hotel rooms. 6pm came and I went for a home visit to one of the member’s place. We were very warmly welcome and took part in small group meeting.


All of us in the home group meeting

 After that it was supper time and then back to the hotel room for the long day ahead on Saturday.

Saturday hit us pretty fast, and very soon we found ourselves busy helping out in the various areas in the church. Here are a few shots of us sweating it out.


Here’s Kenny hard at work


Cleaning the glass doors


 Cleaning tags…

Our favorite girl in the whole group, always cheering us up with her infectious laughter

Service started at about evening time and we were off to our various stations. I’m tasked to help out in the Lighting Department. I must say I’ve learned quite a bit interacting with the crew there.

3 of us in the group were invited to share a bit of their lives on the stage that night.



A typical City Harvest Church service comes with Children’s church too. And boy are these children excited about theirs.


Some of us enjoying the fun with the children, the guy in the black shirt is one good guitarist I must say

On Saturday night we had a wonderful supper at the Asia Food court. Words simply fail to describe the wonderful food there. So here are a few photos, read the happy faces 😀



Don’t ask me about the name of those drinks, I only know they are called “Wow” for the size!

We parted on Sunday afternoon reaching home in Singapore around evening time. Though the trip was only 3 days, I’ve had the honor make so many friends and learn so much.

Wonderful Day…

Posted in Birthday, Events, Life, Pastries with tags , , , on Tuesday, June 24, 2008 by Colin Quek

Jaslyn celebrated my birthday in style over the weekend…first there was the shirt, then an art piece she drew of the Korean drama Coffee Prince (incidentally this drama hooked us up further 😀 )

Then there was the wonderful cupcakes she got me from Little House of Dreams. Now feeling the stress !-_- to outdo her for her birthday…

Thanks dear for the wonderful weekend 😀