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Arrival of my iPad – the new iPad

Posted in Blogroll, Gadgets with tags , , , on Sunday, March 18, 2012 by Colin Quek

After my overseas trip, I find my new iPad sitting in my room! Yes cannot imagine my anxiety to get back to SG to Unbox and use it. I still have no idea what is the name of this, iPad 3? The new iPad? Or just iPad?

All I know is this latest iteration of the iPad series is what I have been waiting for. Having gotten the first generation iPad.

I really enjoy this device from Apple tremendously, especially for quick reading, viewing videos and generally it has replaced my laptop. It really is a good brain stimulant if not any other.

With its new Retina display, this third gen iPad is really something. Trust me, you need to go down and view the screen for yourself to be convinced.

Some photos from the unboxing:

My delivery came directly from Shenzhen, China.

A little teasing before pulling the baby out of the carton.

Here you go, it looks exactly like the iPad 2.

Maybe we can call this iteration iPad 2s hur?

Don’t you just love the look of this? 🙂

Plugging into my iTunes.

I have previously backed up the entirety of my first gen iPad, and iTunes did a seamless job of restoring the apps, photos, docs, what-you-have into the new iPad.

In all, after 40 mins, I am up and running with the new iPad.


Going places with my new camera.

Posted in Life on Sunday, October 23, 2011 by Colin Quek

Got my new cam today, and from the looks of it, its pretty cool.


First Dates

Posted in Life, Places with tags , , , on Sunday, July 3, 2011 by Colin Quek

First official date after wedding. Thought it would be nice to end the week with a round or two of beers. First stop though is Coffee Club to fill the stomachs.

Here’s my Sandwich Royale. With fresh shrimps and vegs. Very filling and tasty.
I must add that the sandwich is quite a mouthful as well.

Then it’s over to Brewerkz for some nice beers.

It’s still my favorite hunt for the choices of beers.
We ordered a taster set e.g. 90ml glasses of 4 types of beer to choose.


Couldn’t recall what were the types of beer we ordered, but the “Xtra IPA” beer caught my attention for it’s maltiness. I dare say it will go very very well with some medium rare steak!

You must give the taster set a try the next time you are there. The 90ml glasses also meant that the casual beer drinker enjoys the tasting too.


In all, it was a great experience. Guess all the more since the girl seated beside me all this while is my wife 🙂