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Posted in Life with tags , , on Sunday, July 3, 2011 by Colin Quek

Strangely now that I’m married, I actually have more things to blog about. Guess it’s the new life and adventures.
Will be following up soon with some photos of the honeymoon.

Wonderful Day…

Posted in Birthday, Events, Life, Pastries with tags , , , on Tuesday, June 24, 2008 by Colin Quek

Jaslyn celebrated my birthday in style over the weekend…first there was the shirt, then an art piece she drew of the Korean drama Coffee Prince (incidentally this drama hooked us up further 😀 )

Then there was the wonderful cupcakes she got me from Little House of Dreams. Now feeling the stress !-_- to outdo her for her birthday…

Thanks dear for the wonderful weekend 😀


Bangkok on B/W film

Posted in Life, Places, thailand, Tourism on Saturday, January 5, 2008 by Colin Quek

Decided to try out Ilford’s Black/White film for my 2nd trip to Thailand. Was pretty surprised at film’s ability to handle some of the exposure extremes I encountered. Technology at its best – Capturing the human spirit and life!

Most of my shots are taken under the harsh noon sun. As evident of this shot:
This little girl was walking beside but for a split second I managed to set her alone against the background.

Street stalls are common sight in Bangkok. Where else can one find the nicest, cheapest food, and so conveniently located.

A restaurant I frequent for my lunch, the writing on the wall says “Welcome”

Rice with Egg for 15 Baht, that’s like $0.70 in Singapore

I counted 5 different types of fried insects on sale here

There are also accessories on sale

As always, the Land of Smiles

I finally got up close with one of the motorcycle taxi riders
Morning comes and the street is still full of live. The bustle of clearing up after a night of trading and feasting. And of cause stocking up goods for another night of merchandising.

A Teochew uncle selling soy bean products

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