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Melbourne – Great Ocean Road – Hills & Coasts

Posted in Tourism with tags , , , on Wednesday, July 7, 2010 by Colin Quek

One of the most marvelous sights I’ve ever witnessed is definitely the coastlines of Southern Australia. The water here is actually pretty clear, as you can see from the photo below.

This was actually shot from inside the bus, hearing the waves alone is therapeutic

Moving along we had a stopover at a small town, I couldn’t recall the name of it, but what struck me was the abundance of lush green hills surrounding it.

Took me a while before I captured what I wanted for this range of hills

This has to be one of my favourite shots

All in all, the Great Ocean Road tour was a very scenic and enjoyable journey. I would seriously urge everyone to at least go once, remember that the 12 Apostles are facing erosion constantly, and that only 8 of the magnificent structures stand today.

Do remember to bring along some warmers if you are going during the winter, it’s more enjoyable when you are shielded from the cold sea winds (yes there are no breezes, only winds).

Next up, I will bring you some shots around Melbourne City.