Bangkok on B/W film

Decided to try out Ilford’s Black/White film for my 2nd trip to Thailand. Was pretty surprised at film’s ability to handle some of the exposure extremes I encountered. Technology at its best – Capturing the human spirit and life!

Most of my shots are taken under the harsh noon sun. As evident of this shot:
This little girl was walking beside but for a split second I managed to set her alone against the background.

Street stalls are common sight in Bangkok. Where else can one find the nicest, cheapest food, and so conveniently located.

A restaurant I frequent for my lunch, the writing on the wall says “Welcome”

Rice with Egg for 15 Baht, that’s like $0.70 in Singapore

I counted 5 different types of fried insects on sale here

There are also accessories on sale

As always, the Land of Smiles

I finally got up close with one of the motorcycle taxi riders
Morning comes and the street is still full of live. The bustle of clearing up after a night of trading and feasting. And of cause stocking up goods for another night of merchandising.

A Teochew uncle selling soy bean products

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3 Responses to “Bangkok on B/W film”

  1. A friend of mine commented the following in my Facebook. Decided to port the messages here to point to my images easily.


    I like this photo where it shows the lady hawker concentrating on her cooking. And the blur background gives an impression of a very busy street.


    And I like the look on the lady customer’s face as she looks through the wares. Though I never notice what are for sale.


    Are they your colleagues? They look so happy reading the magazine.

    Guess I like photos that captures human expressions. 😉

    You are taking photos with film now?

    [un qoute]

    Of course not forgeting his wonderful pictures @

  2. Jessie

    Thanks, I’m looking for cheap flights to Thailand, we’ll be heading there in February.

  3. i like colin q photography!!!!

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