Along the way…

Photography is a journey for me. Along the course of this journey, I’ve pick up shots that well…don’t go under any classifications except artistic? Well an artist is one who has perfected his skills, for me, I happy enough to call this page”Along the way…”

Do feel free to view and comment, the images link to my Flickr account.


Am trying some new post-processing…so please bear with me. This guard stood motionless as countless people stood by to take a picture with him. Must have been tough. But he stood well.


Was silent for awhile…long story…anyway I got the chance now to upload a little soap shavings I shot.


Decided to try something a little bit different… please give your comments on the first “feel” you have from this image. Feedback very very welcome.


Was at IKEA shopping for some props last sat, pretty nice place and boy the food was good. Chicken wings were tip top. Wish I had my cam and lights to shoot them for you.


I must be insane, it’s almost 4 am in the morning, and I’m photographing away…and blogging. But hey let me introduce to you cuplets…(lack of a proper name). Some little souvenirs.

Taken 2006-Mid

I still do no know what this call this, the colors really caught my attention though. And well the coke cups seem to be standing in the right positions.

Taken 2006-End

Took this shot @ a pub, couldn’t remember the name, that myself and my friend went to. Like this beer very much after being introduced to it by him.

This beer has a tangy and light taste. Do not be fooled, its no cheap beer, it goes down nice also


One Response to “Along the way…”

  1. My first feeling on ‘2007-Sep-03’…
    Green… So I named it Greenish Arc!
    Or, Emerald Arc, or, Jade Arc in a more oriental manner.
    Well taken, I must say, distinguished 2 shades of green.

    As to the disposable cups… ‘2006-Mid’
    I propose…”Still Standing.”

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